GIORGIO OREFICE  and the fractals


When the mathematician MANDELBROTH, calling it "fractal geometry", expressed, or better, made known to the world that each chaotic event… from the heart-beat to the forming of the crust of the Earth, from a flower-growth to the clouds expansion, could be understood, studied and graphically realized, I thought I wouldn’t be able to see or to use these graphic formations, In fact, they required the compilation of a huge heap of calculus by means of a computer.           

In that period, (around the 80s), I thought I hated computers and technology abstruseness…

but, in January 1993, I bought a small computer for my son, an "Amiga", and I realized it could elaborate algorithms and execute the first fractals: it could turn into graphic images, Mandelbroth’s theory .                                      


That changed my life.

Now, I’m creating fractal images and fractalized traditional figures.

Now, I’m not afraid to say that I can create images.

Pablo Picasso said: "I don’t create, I discover!".

I always agreed with him: painter RE-produces, RE-invents, RE-creates.

Now I can elaborate some numbers and create an infinitive world visible only if I decide to print, if I make its emotion real and enjoyable to everyone.

However, I’ve decided to communicate my worlds using the resources of my time.

And if in the future, the world can offer me another way to create and communicate emotions through images… I hope I can understand and apply it.


Am I wrong?

Giorgio Orefice




WORKS fractals and multimedia

The following images were created by developing the graphic image derived from a fractal algorithm designed specifically for the image

that there has been subsequently inserted.

These images are designed, developed and built with the same commitment with which usually realize a painting "traditional"

with use, that is, of oil paints and brushes.

In my view, only the technical means for materializzzazione idea has changed, it has dutifully updated making

"Contemporary" in the world, to life, to live or living to me: Creativity, if there was, there is still a whole and, if anything, is stimulated.


 WORKS fractales y multimedia

Las siguientes imágenes se crearon mediante el desarrollo de la imagen gráfica derivada de un algoritmo fractal diseñado específicamente para la imagen que no ha sido insertada posteriormente.

Estas imágenes están diseñados, desarrollados y construidos con el mismo compromiso con el que generalmente se da cuenta de una pintura "tradicional" con el uso, es decir, de pinturas al óleo y pinceles.

En mi opinión, sólo los medios técnicos para la idea materializzzazione ha cambiado, se ha actualizado diligentemente siendo

"Contemporáneo" en el mundo, a la vida. Para mí: la creatividad, si lo había, todavía hay  y, en todo caso, se estimula